Your teacher and hosts

Your teacher – Penny Robertson


Penny writes as follows:

“Since qualifying as an EFL (English as a foreign language) teacher in 1980, I have taught in a variety of language schools.  In Singapore, for instance, I taught many Japanese students.  I also have extensive experience as both a Special Needs and English Language teacher, providing learning support in mainstream Secondary Schools in the UK.

“This experience, combined with my training in Dramatherapy, as well as in Personal Development and Therapeutic Teaching, inform the way I teach English.  In one Secondary School I was the staff member responsible for leading a programme on SEAL (Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning).  This confirmed to me the importance of these factors in the learning process.

“Learning a language is a social and communicative skill.  I believe that it is most effective when there is a good rapport between the teacher and student.  My aim is to motivate you through the use of stimulating and creative techniques based on a sound methodology, with the most up-to-date teaching materials.  In this way I am able to provide a learning environment which suits your learning style, so that you can achieve to the best of your ability.

” I have had particular success in preparing students for the IELTS exam (International English Language Teaching System) to overcome difficulties in mastering Roman script.  As well as this, I have been involved in enabling several Arabic-speaking students to progress from beginners to advanced level.  This has included instruction in handwriting.  I have also taught a number of Japanese students at Intermediate level.  My experience also includes teaching English for the FCE (First Certificate in English).

“I am prepared to teach general English at all levels to a wide range of professional clients such as teachers, business people, airline pilots, doctors, lawyers and others.”

Your host – Jeremy Haslam

Jeremy is the support for Penny’s teaching, in doing much of the housekeeping, cooking and looking after students’ needs.  This includes driving to various nearby sites (such as Wells, Glastonbury and Bristol) as part of our overall programme of ‘immersion’ in English language, history and culture.

Jeremy has worked as an archaeologist at various sites over the last 45 years.  He specializes in industrial and urban archaeology, and landscape and political history, in the Saxon and early Norman period in Britain (roughly between 800-1150 AD).  Although retired, he still publishes books and papers in the field of history and archaeology.  Many of these can be read on the web site

Jeremy is also a photographer, and has worked at times as a professional landscape and architectural photographer.  Many of his photos can be seen on the web site  He also publishes series of photographic greetings cards of Bath and neighbouring places.  Details of these are on the website .

As well as this, he organizes Art and Craft Fairs in Bath on a regular basis.  Information on these can be found at




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